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Hanging Jewelry Organizer Frame


Customize the earring capacity, frame color, & add ons to create your perfect hanging jewelry organizer. From earrings to necklaces, bracelets, and rings we’ll transform your tangles into functional wall art.


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The to your messy accessories pile

A completely custom
jewelry organizer

A time-saving hanging earring holder made for the woman who’s short on time but high in style. You choose the color & layout to accommodate your earring collection. Plus, our best seller has been upgraded! This new heavy, high-quality wood frame has ornate features to transform your jewelry investments from drawer tangles into a functional work of art. Design your perfect wall hanging jewelry organizer with Creatively Cluttered. 


Color of your choice: our vintage-style frame is available in 8 coordinating colors so you’re sure to find a match for your unique style! Choose from: distressed white, cream, champagne, pink, purple, blue, gray, or black


Many styles of earrings fit easily on our wall mounted jewelry organizer. It’s the perfect stud earring holder; even down to the tiniest size!

See different styles
of earrings in action here

You choose the earring capacity: with four wooden slats this frame will hold up to 40 pairs of earrings. Add a fifth slat to increase the capacity to 50 pairs or a sixth row to display 60 pairs. A seventh slat, holding 70 pairs, is best for a collection of shorter earrings. Or go for a full frame of 80 studs with eight slats. 


Our handcut oak slats are spaced in increments to hold studs/short earrings on the top rows. They get progressively further apart to accommodate longer earrings below. If you’d prefer different spacing please let us know.

Not just a hanging earring holder

Complete your custom jewelry organizer with our optional mix & match add on features. Need an earring AND necklace holder? Add necklace hooks to store all your accessories in one frame! 

We have four optional add ons for making this a complete all-in-one organizer.  Mix & match your favorite features to perfectly accomodate your jewelry collection!
💠 Necklace Hooks: 9 gold hooks will be added along the bottom of your frame
💠 Bracelet Bar: our handmade wooden bracelet bar is oak with decorative end caps. It rests inside two large gold hooks for easy access to your bracelets.
💠 Ring Bar: our oak ring bar rests inside two large gold hooks for easy access to your rings
💠 Shelf: a small wooden shelf is perfect for your lipsticks, perfume, & more. Shelf will be approximately 2 3/4″ deep.

⬇⬇ watch a quick video of our bars in action ⬇⬇

The Specs

Size: 17 1/2 x 14 1/2 inches
Frame material: MDF (engineered wood)
Color: distressed white, cream, champagne, pink, purple, blue, gray, black


Complete your set with a matching necklace holder

Additional information

Weight 74 oz
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 4 in
Number of Slats

4 Slats (40 pairs), 5 Slats (50 pairs), 6 Slats (60 pairs), 7 Slats (70 pairs), 8 Slats (80 pairs)

Add Ons- Below Frame

Add Necklace Hooks, Add Bracelet Bar, Add Ring Bar, No Add Ons Below Frame


Blue, Distressed White, Gray, Pink, Purple, Cream, Champagne, Black

Add Ons- Top of Frame

Add Bracelet Bar, Add Ring Bar, No Add Ons on Top

Add a Shelf

Yes, Add Shelf, No Shelf


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