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Pegboard Jewelry Display Shelf


A twist on a trendy wall treatment, our Pegboard Jewelry Display boasts interchangeable features that can change with your ever-evolving style.

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Pegboard Jewelry Display

Infinite possibilities. Infinite style.

 We’ve transformed a popular trend into a functional jewelry display to keep your walls clean, organized, & stylish. 

Each pegboard jewelry display is purely handmade. Every piece was handcrafted for maximum function, endless adjustable possibilities, and overall aesthetic.

These trendy wall treatments are sure to help you bring order to your home & jumpstart your morning routine. 

Endless configurations to grow & change with your style


Each Pegboard Jewelry Display Kit includes:

◾ One handmade pegboard base in raw, unfinished wood. Base measures 18 inches tall x 14 inches wide. 

◾ A french cleat hanging system with 2 screws for wall installation

◾ One of each feature:

     — Earring slat with pegs

     — Bracelet bar with pegs

     — Necklace holder peg

     — Wood shelf with pegs

Interchangeable features

Bracelet Bar

The bracelet bar is a handmade, wood bar with decorative ends. It measures 13″ long.
We left it the raw, natural wood to compliment our modern wood pegboard. 
The bracelet bar rests inside two handmade pegs that are perfectly curved just for these rods.
The bars are the perfect place to display your bracelets, necklaces, & scrunchies

Earring Slats

Our classic best-selling earring slats are handcrafted from oak. They’re sturdy, functional, and made to last. 
Each slat measures 13 inches long and will hold up to 12 pairs of earrings. 

The long wood bars rest inside specialty-made pegs of our own creation. They are a tight fit for extra security, but with a little push they are free to mix & match along your boards. 

Simply slide your studs, hooks, latch earrings and more into the notches for a secure, organized look. 

Wooden Pegboard Shelf

What better way to enjoy your favorite jewelry AND your favorite tchotchkes?! 
Our raw wood shelves measure 13 inches long x  4 3/4″ deep.  They’re the perfect size for your favorite candle, small plant, lipsticks, etc. 
Included are 2 long pegs to support each shelf. 

Necklace Pegs

Who knew a simple peg could have so many uses?!
From your favorite necklaces to your most-used scrunchie, our pegs are the perfect way to highlight your top picks. 

Simple Installation

Easy to Hang

Our French Cleat system makes hanging your pegboards a breeze
 The bottom board will secure to your wall with two included screws. Next, simply slide your pegboard on top of the wall cleat for a sturdy, clean hang. 

The Specs

▪ Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to make your order

▪ Some variation in wood is to be expected. Your order may have natural knots and grain differences than those shown.

▪ Each pegboard base measures 18 x 14 inches and will hang vertically


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