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Plug Display, Gauge Earring Holder Slats


Display your growing plug collection in style! Add our wood gauge earring holder slats to a frame of your choice for an easy-to-use wall hanging organizer.

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DIY Plug Earring Display

Tired of digging around for a matching earring? Always wear the same pair because finding another one seems like too much of a hassle? It’s time to enjoy your collection and wear all your jewelry again!

Create your perfect plug display with our DIY gauge slats. The wooden rows securely hold your collection, transforming your pile of frustration into eye-catching wall decor. 

simple diy process

Our slats assemble easily into a picture frame of your choice. Simply find a frame with an inner measurement of 11″ and follow the included instructions for gluing your slats in. 


Find your Gauge size

Customize your size to show off all your current plugs or get various sizes to display your growing collection!

**Don’t see the size you need? Message us!

Size & Capacity

All ear stretcher slats are 11" long to fit in 11" picture frames.

The amount of earrings each will hold depends on the gauge size:
6g (4mm)- each slat holds 9 pairs
2g (6mm)- each slat holds 7 pairs
0g (8mm)- each slat holds 6 pairs
00g (10mm)- each slat holds 6 pairs
1/2″ (12mm)- each slat holds 6 pairs
9/16″ (14mm)- each slat holds 5 pairs
5/8″ (16mm)- each slat holds 4 pairs
3/4″ (19mm)- each slat holds 4 pairs
7/8″ (22mm)- each slat holds 3 pairs
Tapered Spirals- each slat holds 6 pairs of spirals size 0g and under. Simply twist the spirals into the holes!

Choose your Color

We can stain the slats brown for you or leave them in the raw, sanded wood for you to stain or paint the color of your choice! 

How do the gauge slats work?

Round & Tunnel Plug Holders

Available in size 6g – 7/8″, our gauge earring holder slats have curved indentations that allow your plugs to sit in easily and securely. Simply lift them up & out when you’re ready to use! 

Tapered Spiral Plug Holders

Spirals up to 0g twist easily into the holes. They’re easy and fast to untwist to remove! 

Client Inspiration

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 in
Gauge Size

6g, 2g, 0g, 00g, 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", Tapered Spirals


Raw Wood, Stained Brown


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