Shiplap Earring Organizer Frame


You can never go wrong with shiplap!


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A jewelry organizer fit for Joanna herself! 

Your earrings will shine on this shiplap inspired frame. The frame is MDF and measures 15 inches long x 13 inches wide. 

🔹 You choose the earring capacity: with three wooden slats this frame will hold up to 27 pairs of earrings. Add a fourth slat to increase the capacity to up to 36 pairs.

Our handcut oak slats are spaced in increments to hold studs/short earrings on the top rows. They get progressively further apart to accommodate longer earrings below. If you’d prefer different spacing please let us know.

We offer one optional add on for making this a complete all-in-one organizer.
     🔹Necklace Hooks: 9 gold hooks will be added along the bottom of your frame

Additional information

Number of Slats

3 Slats (27 pairs), 4 Slats (36 pairs)

Necklace Hooks

Add necklace hooks, No necklace hooks


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